The Better World Books Rewards Program

You deserve to be rewarded!

It’s simple, easy and free! Just sign in to your account and click the Rewards icon on the bottom right of the homepage to get started!

Earn Rewards Points

Earn points for every dollar spent, celebrating your birthday, joining us on social media and more!

You can see all the options to earn points from in your Rewards panel.


Earn exclusive discounts and dollar off coupons!

Book Buddies

Refer friends to earn exclusive discounts together!


The more you read, the more you save!


Awarded upon sign-up.
Earn 8 points for every dollar spent.


Awarded when you spend $75+.
Earn 9 points for each dollar spent.
Unlock exclusive offers.


Awarded when you spend $200+.
Earn 10 points for every dollar spent.
Unlock exclusive offers and ways to earn points!


  • A account is required to sign up for the rewards program
  • Points expire at the end of a calendar year.
  • Points cannot be awarded for past purchases prior to the sign-up date for the rewards account.
  • Questions about the Rewards Progam? We are are happy to help! Contact our Customer Care team.
  • For more terms and conditions please review our Terms of Use under "Reward Program Terms of Use"

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