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Better World Books has modified its terms to explain its business model better. On occasion there has been some confusion about the role Better World Books plays in acquiring books and creating a market for them (or donating them to worthy recipients in line with our social mission). We now are trying to do a better job explaining ourselves. This should be clear: when Better World Books acquires books, it takes ownership of them ("title" to them, in legal terminology) and then resells them to the public or donates them to charitable organizations. When it resells the books or donates them, ownership passes from Better World Books to the buyer or the recipient. We know that there have been some inconsistent references on our website, for example that ownership of a book remained with the supplier or donor of a book until we found a buyer or recipient. We are now going through our website to revise it and eliminate any confusion over this issue. If you encounter those inconsistent statements, please remember that they are outdated: that this announcement regarding Better World Books' ownership of and title to the books supersedes any inconsistent provisions on the website. We appreciate your patience while we are updating our website.

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