Our Program

The best part is that Better World Books takes care of all the work and the program is free to join. If you would like to be a partner, we'd love to start that discussion with you.

Place Book Drop Box

You choose the site. We supply and place the book Drop Box. At 4'x 5' it takes up less than 1/2 a parking space yet can contribute to helping thousands of lives.

Service Book Drop Box

We promise to keep it clean! Afterall, our reputation depends on it. We regularly service the book Drop Box. and clean the area around the Drop Box. Maintaining a clean and professional image is a top priority for us 365 days a year.

Sort Books

We bring the books to our sorting facility, and carefully determine if they are able to be sold, donated or recycled.

Sell, Donate or Recycle Books

The books are placed online to be sold through betterworldbooks.com or our 50+ marketplace channels. Those books that can't be sold are donated or recycled. Not one book will ever see a landfill!

Distribute Quarterly Checks

Depending upon your arrangement, checks will go to you, your designated literacy partner, or both.

We'll Provide Marketing Support

We will help generate buzz through press releases and social media. Provide marketing collateral for your patrons, customers, and employees to help drive traffic to your Book Drop Box.
- Community Flyer (pdf)
- Community Poster (pdf)
- School Flyer (pdf)
Marketing collateral is adjustable by you to include your organization, location and literacy partner.

Track environmental impact online

Track Your Impact Online

We can make available impact metrics through our client portal.

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