Put Better World Books to Work For You

Better World Books generates revenue for over 500 bookstores, wholesalers and distributors by selling surplus materials on over 50 channels around the world.

  • It's Effortless
    Just ship us your surplus stock and we'll do all the selling.
  • It's Free
    Better World Books pays for shipping.
  • It Makes You Money
    Material is sold on over 50 marketplaces.
  • It Supports Literacy
    Select a non-profit literacy partner to benefit from each sale.

Superior Customer Service
You'll have an Account Representative at your primary point of contact and the support of our entire Client Services department. Not to mention over 300 employees who sort, manage and sell the books online.

Personalized Reporting
User-friendly online reports which will include:

  • Gross sales
  • Marketplace commissions
  • Revenue generated for your selected literacy partner
  • Environmental metrics including cubic yards of landfill and number of trees saved

Interested in Bulk Sales?
Better World Books will tailor a relationship that meets your needs.

Contact [email protected] or call 678-646-5100 x 5107 for more information.

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