Better World Books has never thrown away a book. Ever.

With colleges and universities doubling down on their commitment to sustainability, many are overlooking one of their most abundant and precious resources: books. When new editions of textbooks come out, the old ones are deemed "worthless" and are not bought back at campus bookstores. Each year, 2 billion pounds of books become landfill, millions of these coming from campuses across the country. We can reduce that problem.

Reducing Landfill

We recycle every book that we can't find a proper home for. We've re-used or recycled over 190 million pounds of books. That's over 100 million books! We also provide an outlet for metal shelving from libraries across the United States. Since our company began, we've reclaimed more than 900,000 pounds of metal shelving from libraries across the country.

Carbon Offsets

Every order at BetterWorldBooks.com has the option to be shipped carbon balanced for just a few cents extra. So far, we've reached 44,000 tons of carbon offsets for BetterWorldBooks.com shipping.

And the textbooks you collect on your campus support this cause.

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