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Program Updates

Introducing Credit!

We're excited to announce that we now have credit available in lieu of a commission via check or Alibris Credit.  For those who currently receive Alibris credit, you will now start receiving credit for your quarterly commission.  But don't fret; we are also excited to announce that you will be able to find Alibris books on!  That's right!  So now, not only do you get the great selection of used & new books that we have, but you will now be able to access books from Alibris at

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition or how to receive credit, please contact you Account Rep or email

Last Quarter Highlights

Top 5 Sales in Q2:
Filling Up America: An Economic-Demographic Model of Population Growth and Distribution in the 19th Century U.S. (Industrial Development and the Social Fabric)
Morton Owen Shapiro
Routledge French Technical Dictionary/Dictionnaire technique anglais: French-English (Routledge Reference)
The Permaculture Book of Ferment & Human Nutrition
Bill Mollison
On the Origin of Chloroplasts
Jerome A. Schiff
Drug Carriers in Biology and Medicine

Top 5 Sales in Q2: Third Party Marketplaces
Comprehensive Asymmetric Catalysis I-III (Comprehensive Overviews in Chemistry)

Venous Valves: Morphology, Function, Radiology, Surgery
R. Gottlob, R MAY
Handbook of Urgent Care Medicine (The Secrets Series)
Michelle H. Biros MS MD, Steve Sterner MD, E. Corradin Vogel MD
Reconstructive Preprosthetic Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Raymond J. Fonseca, W. Howard Davis
Neurological Therapeutics: Principles and Practice, Second Edition (3 Volumes)
John Noseworthy

Top 5 Sales in Q2: ARC
Atlas of the Northern Milky Way
Frank E. Ross and Mary
L'Oeuvre Complet de Rembrandt, Tomes I-II plus Supplement (Tableaux et Dessins de Rembrandt)
Rembrandt, edited by Eugene Dutuit
Histoire D'Un Voyage Aux Isles Maluines, Fait en 1763 & 1764; Avec des Observations Sur Le Detroit De Magellan, et Sur Les Patagons, Two volumes
Dom Pernetty
Nouvelles Maisons de Campagne avec plans Paris et ses Environs
Delarue, Francois
Ulysses [Signed by Matisse]
James Joyce; Illustrations by Henri Matisse

Top 5 Sales in Q2: eBay
Report Of The Exploring Expedition From Santa Fe, New Mexico, To The Junction of The Grand And Green Rivers Of The Great Colorado Of The West, In 1859, Under The Command Of Capt. J.N. Macomb, Corps Of Topographical Engineers with Geological Report by Prof J.S. Newberry
Macomb, Capt. J.N.; Prof. J.S. Newberry
Voyages and Travels 15 Volumes
Military Costume of Turkey.  Illustrated by a Series of Engravings, From Drawings made on the Spot.
McLean, Thomas; Miller, William

The Native Flowers and Ferns of the United States in Their Botanical, Horticultural, and Popular Aspects, Illustrated by Chromolithographs
Thomas Meehan

Our Impact

blog-award We are so proud to be working with the National Center for Family Literacy on a new national award for libraries.

The Better World Books/NCFL Libraries and Families Award is three $10,000 grants that will be given to three different library recipients each year to help enhance family programming already under way in library settings. The award will connect more families to their local libraries and expand their literacy efforts in new and innovative ways.

We work with over 1,800 libraries across the country, so we know how passionate you are about literacy. We also know how tough this economy is and how hard it is to get funding for much needed programs. That is why we are so proud to be partnering with NCFL on this award.

For more details, check out our press release - or just go to where you can also submit your contact information and be notified when the application is available.


ARC Corner
Declaration of IndependenceWhen the American Archives Series books came to the ARC department, many of them had missing boards, weak spines, and they smelled of the ancient organic dust that accompanies old leather bound books. My expectations were fairly low for this set. 

After plowing through a few volumes, I came across American Archives; Fifth Series, Volume I.  A cursory glance of this item suggested it would be subject to the same fate as its siblings. But in the back, encapsulated within the textblock, was a pristine facsimile copy of the Declaration of Independence, printed by Peter Force from the original copperplate made by William J. Stone. After some research, I found that this particular copy of the Declaration of Independence has a conservative market value of between $17,000-24,000, with a high of $38,000.  Copies at the lower end of the price range are typically ones that have been removed from the book, and consequently experienced a good degree of wear and tear.
This copy of ours, by comparison, is nothing short of phenomenal.  If any copy merits the premium value based on condition, ours is the one.  What a day - this was like finding a sizable diamond in an unassuming lump of coal.

- Ryan

What We're Reading

The summer is coming to a close and I've barely put a dent in my summer reading list-disappointing, to say the least.  My plan was to read no less than a book a week, but August is here and my list is only three books shorter.  Since each is truly excellent, all is not lost!

The first book on my summer reading list was The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue.  While playing in the woods near his home, young Henry is kidnapped by a band of fairy-like children, one of whom takes the place of Henry.  The Stolen Child tells the parallel stories of the imposter Henry and his changeling counterpart, Aniday.  With a few exceptions (Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter ), I'm not a fan of fantasy, but I still found this book deeply satisfying.  Next, I tackled The Way Home by George Pelecanos.  I listened to the audio version of this novel on the six hour drive from North Carolina-a special treat that made my drive all the more bearable.  Now, I'm back to the grind.  I'm a bit of a detective fiction junkie, and I'm half way through the amazingly well written and engrossing Lush Life by Richard Price.  There's always next summer!

- Erin Gerber

Meet the Team
Ed Bunch
Hi my name is Ed Bunch. I am from the library capital of the world, New York City. Growing up I never knew the daily responsibilities of the library staff is so vast and difficult! I only remember the cliché duties like enforcing "shhhhh" or as my grade school librarian quietly mentioned to us wise-crackers, shut up or leave. :)

My New England area clients will likely ask for my resignation after this newsletter BUT I am a die hard New York Knicks fan who celebrated in the streets of New York when the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl and if you haven't already guessed, yep the Yankees! Though we don't agree on all things, both the library community and Better World Books can concur that combating poverty globally begins with the gift of literacy.

If you're in DC, DE, MD, or NY, I'm your man!

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Upcoming Conferences:
  • 2009 Charleston Conference: November 4-7, Charleston, SC
Other Notable Dates:
  • Labor Day: September 29, 2009. Better World Books will be closed.
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Your Two Cents
We're hard at work gathering feedback for a comprehensive stakeholder research project.  We're actively seeking input from our customers and partners.  If you'd like to share your feedback about us, feel free to contact Shannon Ross at to schedule a 20-minute interview to take place in September.

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