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Program Updates

Did you guys hear about the Libraries and Families Award that we awarded alongside National Center for Family Literacy?  Through this opportunity we awarded $10,000 grants to reward and enhance existing family programming and expand literacy-building practices of families in library settings.  If you missed it, check out the winners here!

To learn how you can apply, keep your eye out for future award applications by visiting the NCFL site and/or tuning into our blog.

Last Quarter Highlights

Top 5 Sales in Q2:
Map User's Sourcebook
Lance Feild
Doctoris Angelici Divi Thomae Aquinatis Sacri Ordinis F. F. Praedicatorum Opera Omnia (34 Volume Set)
Thomas de Aquino
De Kooning - [SIGNED]
William De Kooning; Text by Harold Rosenberg
Men and women in biological perspective: A review of the literature
Aman U Khan
The Plays of Shakespeare In Nine Volumes
William Shakespeare

Top 5 Sales in Q2: Third Party Marketplaces
Applied Offshore Structural Engineering
Teng H. Hsu
The Alvar Aalto Guide
Michael Trencher
The Works of Michael Drayton, Complete in Six (6) Volumes [Vols. I, II, III, IV, V, VI]
Michael Drayton; Edited by J. William Hebel; Bernard H. Newdigate
El poder del teléfono en las ventas : técnicas para el profesional de bienes raíces
Teri Gamble, Mike Gamble
Vida Ejemplar y Heroica de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Con mil documentos hasta ahora inéditos y numerosas ilustraciones y grabados de época. Volumes I to VII
Marin, Luis Astrana

Top 5 Sales in Q2: ARC
Memoires de Mathematique et de Physique, Presentes a l'Academie Royale des Sciences, par divers Savans, & lus dans ses Assemblees, Tomes I-XI (Complete in 11 Volumes)
Academie des Sciences
Artistic Houses: Being a Series of Interior Views of a Number of the Most Beautiful and Celebrated homes in the United States with a Description of the Art Treasures contained therein. Four Volumes.
Memoires Des Commissaires Du Roi et De Ceux De Sa Majeste Britannique, Volumes I-IV
Discourses on the Offices
APPLE xServe 2 x Dual Core Intel Xeon 2.66GHz 4GB Ram

Top 5 Sales in Q2: eBay
The North American Sylva; or, a Description of the Forest Trees of the United States, Canada and Nova Scotia. Considered particularly with Respect to their Use in the Arts and their Introduction into Commerce
Francois Andre Michaux; Translated with Notes by J. Jay Smith
The Silva of North America: A Description of the Trees Which Grow Naturally in North America Exclusive of Mexico. Fourteen Volumes.
Sargent, Charles Sprague
Someday Somewhere
Yasuhiro Ishimoto
The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies.
Prepared under the direction of the Secretary of War, by Bvt. Lieut. Col. Robert N. Scott, Third U.S. Artillery
The Inscriptions of Peten, Volumes I, II, III, IV, V Part I and V Part II (Five Volumes)
Sylvanus Griswold Morley

ARC Corner

We love it when this happens: we list an item that sells within 24 hours. This $750 sale was for no mere book, but for a hand-written letter from the 19th Century novelist George Gissing to his sister Ellen (Nelly), dated December 22, 1901. While a book of Gissing's letters to his family had been published, and later a nine-volume set, this letter was not included. Manuscript letters are not merely rare, but are one-of-a-kind items that collectors of a certain ilk are thrilled to acquire. The buyer is a bookseller; it will enhance her personal collection of Gissing items, and is her first manuscript letter. She's so gaga about Gissing that she took a trip to the south of France for the sole purpose of visiting his primary bibliographer (another avid Gissing collector). We're so very pleased that this long-lost letter has found a loving, appreciative home.

What We're Reading

The Mistress of Spices
by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
reviewed by Ina Claggette
The Mistress of Spices
The Mistress of Spices , a novel by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is truly magical. The captivating artwork on the cover of the book is what grabbed my attention. It looked colorful and mysterious. Unlike most books, the description on the back of the book matched the story completely!

"The Mistress of Spices is the story of Tilo, a young woman born in another time, in a faraway place, who is trained in the ancient art of spices and ordained as a mistress charged with special powers. Once fully initiated in a rite of fire, the now immortal Tilo - in the gnarled and arthritic body of an old woman - travels through time to Oakland, California, where she opens a shop from which she administers spices as curatives to her customers. An unexpected romance with a handsome stranger eventually forces her to choose between the supernatural life of an immortal and the vicissitudes of modern life."

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and recommend it to those interested in magical, colorful storylines.

Buy it at and use coupon code WELLREAD to receive 10% off 2 or more books!

Meet the Team

Kimeke ArmstrongHi, I'm Kimeke Armstrong or "Kim."  I've been with Better World Books since October 2009 as an Account Representative.  I am also an Employee Ambassador for Qumpus Quorum (Q2).  Q2 are the motivators of BWB, "the movers and the shakers."

I really love that my company values its employees as well as its clients. I have never, ever, worked for a company that displays how important social and environmental change is.  BWB embraces the ideology that we can make a difference if everyone does their part.

In my spare time, my schedule is quite full.  I am a wife and a mother and an internet radio DJ at night. I also love to cook and travel.  My two favorite cuisines are: Italian and Caribbean.  Among all else, I also love to involve my whole family in service.  My children and I volunteer and motivate at various battered women and children shelters in the Atlanta area.
I would like to leave with one of my favorite quotes: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain."  Always live your life today as if there is no tomorrow.  Never forget to show your appreciation to those that matter.  Always strive to make a difference.

Say hi to Kim at!
Library Spotlight

Rather than mentioning a library this time, we've decided to highlight a partner you all can get involved with!

Our partner, the Office of Letters and Light, is collaborating with libraries around the world for their annual creative writing event, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Last year 75 libraries in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK hosted NaNoWriMo participants as they wrote their way through November, with some branches hosting over 100 writers at a time.

For more information about resources, testimonials, and how to get involved, visit or email


If you would like to leave us a note with a chance to be featured in our next newsletter, email and tell us about your experience with Better World Books!

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Coming Soon

Upcoming Conferences:
  • SLA: June 13-16, 2010.  New Orleans, LA.
  • ALA Annual: June 24-29, 2010.  Washington D.C.
Other Notable Dates:
  • Memorial Day: May 31, 2010. Better World Books will be closed.
  • Independence Day: July 4, 2010. Better World Books will be closed July 5.
To see the full list of UPS Days of Operation, click here.

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We hope you enjoyed this installment of our newsletter.  We encourage you to forward this newsletter to any of your colleagues that may be interested in learning more about the Better World Books for Libraries.  Also, remember to shop at for all your book purchases.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the next installment of BookMarks!

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