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Dear Library,

Welcome to the Better World Books Library Newsletter! In this issue you will learn about our exciting program updates, upcoming events and noteworthy announcements. We’re also pleased to introduce some new additions to our newsletter including the Library Spotlight, featuring one of our participating libraries, and the NPLP* Hot Spot, with remarks from one of our Literacy Partners. Thanks for reading and thank you for your continued interest in Better World Books. Enjoy!

Program Announcements
What's New?

BooksWe are very excited to introduce our new Client Portal!  Created specifically for you, we have developed a web portal that will allow you to access the different features of our Program. Along with the additional features, you are now able to login to one site to access everything for your account, including UPS Labels and our exciting new PreSceen Program! You can now access the portal at 

Driven by our desire to help local organizations with their sales and our goal to reduce waste, the PreScreen program allows you to access our software and check if your books are ideal for us to sell online. If you are unsure about what to send to Better World Books, the PreScreen Program is the perfect solution! If you do not currently have access to PreScreen Program or the Client Portal, please  contact your Account Representative or email us at

As a reminder, we are unable to accept books that are dirty, moldy, water damaged, binding damaged, missing covers or pages, have excessive writing, markings, or highlighting, cut out library treatments, or soft-cover books warped from gaylord storage or shipping. 

For the complete list, visit

Last Quarter Highlights
What's HOT?

Top 5 Sales in Q3: General Material

Online Marketplace
Client's State
Alibris IL
Bernini and the Art of Architecture
Tod A. Marder, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Joseph Martin    
Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics [Four Volume Set] 
Peter Singer, Ruth Chadwick
Encyclopedia of Mormonism; Four  Volumes
Ludlow, Daniel H.
New Dictionary of the History of Ideas (6 Volume Set)

Design of Structures and Foundations for Vibrating Machines (191p)
Suresh C. Arya

Top 5 Sales in Q3: ARC Material
Online Marketplace
Client's State
Abebooks TX
Mythology of All Races (The Mythology of All Races, Complete Set: Volumes 1 -13)
October Fifteenth: A history of modern Hungary, 1929-1945 (Two Volume Set)
C.A. Macartney
The Fabrics of Culture: The Anthropology of Clothing and Adornment (World Anthropology Series)
Justine M. Cordwell
Barnes and Noble
The lives of the popes in the early middle ages: By the Rev. Horace K Mann; Vol.
I thru XVIII (missing Vol. XVII)

Horace K Mann
Obras Completas; Vol. I thru VIII (Leather-bound Edition)
Baroja, Pio

Top 5 Sales in Q3:
Online Marketplace
Client's State
$3,000.00 NC
Partial Set of Chemical Abstracts
Ward's Business Directory, 47th Edition, Set of 8 Volumes
and Supplement

Justine Ventimiglia, Project Editor
The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics: Four Volume Boxed Set
John Eatwell
Gio Ponti: The Complete Work, 1923-1978
Lisa Licitra Ponti
The Sermons of John Donne
George R. Potter and Evelyn M. Simpson, eds.

Our IMPACT: NPLP* Hot Spot
Books For Africa

Books For Africa
would like to express gratitude to the Library Division of Better World Books for their outstanding support and the tens of thousands of dollars in funding provided to ship books to libraries across the African continent.  Books For Africa has shipped over 18 million books Tanzinia-(2)to libraries in 36 African countries since 1988 working in close collaboration with Better World Books.

It is my pleasure to announce the creation of the Better World Books Fund of Books For Africa through a special donation of $165,000.  Since June of this year, the Better World Books Fund has helped finance the delivery of fifteen 40-foot sea containers holding approximately 470,000 books and valued at $2.6 Million.  Containers have been shipped to Kenya, Tanzania, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Algeria, Uganda, and Ghana through the support of the Better World Books Fund.  Many, many more shipments are scheduled in the coming months courtesy of this collaborative initiative.  

Thank you to Better World Books and all of your supporters.  Keep those books and the funding to pay the shipping costs coming!  The demand for library books in Africa remains ENORMOUS.

With appreciation,

Pat Plonski, Executive Director, Books For Africa    

* Non-Profit Literacy Partner

What We're Reading
Buy USED & NEW Books at


I’m currently reading “Love and Respect” by Emerson Eggerichs. I am a newlywed so I am very eager to learn more about marriage from people who’ve been married for an extended period of time. This book gives me great insight into a man’s heart and I believe it is a great resource for all couples, no matter what stage of marriage they’re in.                                                                                                                                                                           ~ K. Emery

Purchase your new or used copy of “Love and Respect” by Emerson Eggerichs at . Use discount code D&D_2007 to receive 10% off your entire purchase!

Library Spotlight
Webster Public Library, NY

This quarter’s Library Spotlight is on the Webster Public Library which is located in a suburb of Rochester, New York.  Webster Public Library serves a population of over 40k and growing.  In fact, the town of Webster is the fastest growing suburb in its county and boasts an impressive 95 percent of their high school graduates that go on to college. 

With this high demand on the library to be a complementary research center and to provide current popular titles, the staff work tirelessly to keep the over 130,000 volumes fresh.  Prior to enrolling into the Better World Books Library Discards & Donations Program, the surplus materials were disposed of in traditional waWebster Library photo 11.2007ys, the library sale and the dumpster.  Since their involvement, the staff has become more alert to the fact that a discarded book may still have value.  In addition to the revenue they have generated for their own initiatives, Webster Public Library’s materials have generated social profit by funding their selected Non-Profit Literacy Partner.

The Webster Public Library’s revenue comes from town funds, state aid, service charges and since the Fall of 2005, the Better World Books Library Discards & Donations Program. This revenue is used to offer educational and recreational programs for patrons (preschoolers through senior citizens), including musical concerts, computer classes, hands-on art workshops, and lectures. 

The Friends of the Webster Public Library underwrite these programs and also purchase items not covered in the library’s operating budget.  The Friends recently used the commissions earned through the Better World Books Library Discards & Donations Program to purchase furnishings for the Children’s department (pictured above).  Better World Books is proud to partner with the Webster Public Library.

Meet the Library Team
Say Hello to...
Webster Library photo 11.2007

Kim Emery is the newest addition to the Library team. Kim loves to read and spends her spare time playing Sudoku or playing Scrabble with her daughter. As the Administrative Support Specialist, she is responsible for assisting the Account Representatives in their continuous efforts in providing our Library Partners with the best possible service and meeting any of their urgent needs. 

Please say “Hi” to Kim at

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Important Dates

We hope you enjoyed the second installment of our newsletter.  We encourage you to forward this newsletter to any of your colleagues that may be interested in learning more about the Better World Books’ Library Discards & Donations Program.  Also, remember to shop at for all your book purchases.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the next installment of the newsletter.

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